International Tattoo Convention in Minsk will take place on 19-20 of November in the Palace of Sports


    Winners in the contest for best graphics for Minsk 2016 International Tattoo Convention are Vladimir Novitsky and Anton Sochivko. Original painting performed in oil.


      Minsk Tattoo Convention will take place on 19-20th September 2015 at the Palace of Sports (Pobediteley 4, Minsk).


        How it was in 2014

        Tattoo convention in Minsk 2014 gathered more than 60 best tattoo artists and studios from Belarus and abroad in a contest for best tattoos in 14 nominations. Visitors had a chance to observe the work of recognized tattoo artists, choose their own tattooer and style or get a tattoo right at the venue.

        Also during the event one could buy tattoo equipment, tattoo lifestyle clothing and accessories or simply enjoy convention program:

        - art-fusion;
        - body-art contest;
        - custom motorcycles and bicycles show;
        - aerography on cars, motorcycles and furniture;
        - Tatoo Queen Contest and much more.

        Photos 2014